Preserving our trade.

We literally dig holes to make barren land grow green again. When you work together with Hottentot Herbs & Spices BV, you are investing in the future of our trade.

The honest story.

The honest story.

We can talk about sustainability all we want, but let’s be honest: in our trade it is nearly, if not completely, impossible to source solely sustainably grown herbs and spices.
We strongly select our suppliers on criteria such as quality, pesticide management, water management, gender equality, fair wages and no child labour. We are confident that we can help preserve the environment and aide the local population this way, but truth be told, there is no way to guarantee these criteria are 100% met throughout the supply chain.

If we want to be completely sustainable, without leaving a CO2 footprint, we should not be importing and exporting herbs and spices.
So, that is out of question.

What CAN we do?

We have an obligation to not only try and avoid damage to the environment, but to also repair damage caused by business activities over recent centuries.

That is why we are very proud to have teamed up with Justdiggit to regreen degraded landscapes so we can cool down the planet. Globally, more than 2 billion hectares of land can be restored – an area twice the size of Europe!

Reversing Land Degradation, by digging

Justdiggit’s mission is applying nature-based solutions to reverse land degradation and empower local communities. The focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa: this region is highly vulnerable to threats of natural resource degradation and poverty and has a high reliance on subsistence agriculture.

JustDiggit supports communities in digging semi-circular ‘bunds’. They collect water runoff and therefore increase soil moisture and prevent soil erosion. These bunds are usually filled with organic matter to add nutrients for improved crop yield.

This is what WE do

In the coming years, we are committed to restoring degraded land in Africa on a large scale. By donating 5% of our annual net profits, we are realizing that 62.000 M2 of dry land will be regreened, and 1.050.000 liters of water will be captured every time it rains, in 2022 alone!

  • Finance 500 bunds

  • Save 1.050.000 litres of rain water

  • Regreen an area as big as 62.000m2

By fertilizing barren soil in Africa, we are directly building the future of the spice trade.
By cooperating with Hottentot Spices BV, you will do so too.